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GIT Succinctly

Are you looking for a new version control system? Perhaps what you’re using now is too cumbersome, or you just want to try something new to manage a pet project. With Git Succinctly by Ryan Hodson, you can get up and running with one of the fastest-spreading revision control systems out there. Complete with vivid diagrams, clear code samples, and a careful walk-through of primary features, this free e-book is your quick guide to how Git operates, what its advantages are, and how you can incorporate it into your own workflow.
Git Succinctly will teach you:
How to install and configure Git
How to create and clone repositories
How to use the staging area to organize and manage your commits
How to create, manage, and merge branches
How to interact with remote repositories
Table of Contents
Getting Started
Recording Changes
Undoing Changes
Remote Repositories

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